VIDEO: Mobley 'Tell Me'

HE OPENED FOR NILE RODGERS! Now I have your attention…


MOBLEY is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever come across, that too completely by chance, whilst impatiently waiting for a keynote speech at SXSW, and I haven’t forgotten him since.


He just released new video ‘Tell Me,’ and it’s one of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear, and simultaneously the most heart-wrenching video you’ll ever see, leaving you both emotionally soothed by the sound yet excessively shaken by the video.


Firstly, the song. Mobley’s music is so distinct and memorable, I can recognise that I heard him perform this back in March. It’s a simple melody, clearly showing off the brilliance of his voice without any crazy tricks to distract you. He doesn’t want to try prove himself here, there’s a clear confidence in his voice and he wants you to listen to the lyrics. I know for a fact Mobley is capable of performing dozens of instruments too, so it’s say to assume that this electronic-live combo instrumentation that accompanies his voice is straight from his own feels too.


Now, the video. Initially a feel good visual of a care-free woman dancing in her home, it turns in to a sad story about a child witnessing his father being arrested, mistaken for a criminal with a lack of racial justice that affects many in the US today. As heart-breaking as it is, what is so sophisticated about Mobley is that he doesn’t show this through “aggressive” means like the fight for social justice can often be viewed as, but rather as a simple depiction of one incident, and he lets the viewer make what they want of it without dictating what our opinion should be. This intelligent and effective manner of conveying his message is what makes this video stand out to me, along with the message itself of course.


Though the first half of the video you’re able to enjoy the music, and we are lucky to have this music-centric start, as once the action takes place, your mind momentarily steps away from the music and to the video – proving what a powerful piece this is. At the end, we’re brought back to the song, but hearing it with a completely different perspective. As the lyrics of the songs themselves are not directly related to the incident shown, it once again lends itself to the opportunity of letting us chose what the songs means to us.


The repeated lyrics “Tell me what you want me to be” have a completely different meaning at the start compared to the finish.


Take a look at this brilliant artistry and composition and the sophisticated video Mobley has so generously donated to the world, and we can’t wait to see him live again!: