VEVO DSCVRS: Phoebe Ryan + Dagny

VEVO DSCVRs brought it second ever showcase of new music to NYC Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory last week, with artists The Big Moon, Dagny, and Phoebe Ryan.


Phoebe Ryan closed the night. Clearly a very practised performer, she was only natural and more than comfortable on stage. She performed the huge hit “All We Know,” her collaboration with The Chainsmokers that’s ranked over 130 million hits on YouTube. Of course we heard it without the guys, but still was a special performance, giving us a chance to actually focus solely on Phoebe’s part of bringing the song to life. She also performed her ever-popular cover of R Kelly’s ‘Ignition,’ as well as her original hits. Phoebe’s contribution to her own music as a producer as well as the singer and songwriter is evident in her performance, clearly being familiar with each detail of each song - an admirable trait in any emerging artist.


Dagny performed in the peak of the night. Her favourite song of mine was ‘Let It Rain,’ a song I haven’t been able to get out of my head since hearing it then. With Dagny’s set, though a solo singer, her band were a vital part to her performance, which is something I found very appealing. This is because every single detail of what you saw on stage was part of her as an artist – the band, the bright purple colours filling the venue and beyond, and of course, her. There was no sense of nerves on stage, but rather a complete freedom of her and her artistry, so you knew everything you were seeing was 100% Dagny.


The Big Moon opened the night, and slightly different to the electronic-pop that followed them, they still held high in their 4 piece indie-rock band following the release of their debut album ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’ not even a week before their NYC show. We've just recently featured these guys after their SXSW performance with BBC Music, so we're glad to be able to watch their rise in USA so closely!


Love to all these girls, I can’t wait to see them rule the music industry VERY soon!