SXSW '17: Tredici Bacci | No. 22

Tredici Bacci has some hauntingly ambient music as they brought their soulful, jazzy yet rocky live set to SXSW, including a performance at the much sought after exclusive official SXSW Music opening party in partnership with the acclaimed Sensu Music.


Lead singer Sami Stevens really leads the band well with her deep, striking vocals, bringing the emotion of her own lyrics and the huge band behind her, relaying it to he audience in an effective way.


Describing themselves as “chamber-rock orchestra,” the band are really what it says on the tin – a 14-piece band comprised of everything from saxophone to cellos to guitars and drums, giving the music that orchestral feel, the riffs and strong vocals and heavy lyrics combined, the Italian flair, evident from the name and album title ‘Amore per Tutti,’ giving the music that unique spin.


The band’s focus on composition potentially takes the music to the classical side, however it’s the personality and performance of the band which makes this form of music so contemporary. The cinematic element to this post-rock band adds a huge interest to their sound, making the entire performance start to finish intriguing, and definitely not something you’ve seen elsewhere!


A big hit at the festival, we can’t wait to see what these guys will do next back in NYC!