SXSW '17: Tei Shi | No. 20


Entering the top 20 of our countdown of our favourite SXSW artists, we reach Interscope Records’ new artist on the rise Tei Shi.


Fresh from support tour for MØ, Tei Shi was an artist who’s name I saw only everywhere at SXSW, that in itself shows what a huge impact she is making on the music industry. We caught her at one of the highly acclaimed ‘Music Is Universal’ events – a day of music showcasing the best talent newly signed to Universal Music in the US.


Tei Shi is an artist with a soulful voice, but tracks hugely inspired by the new uprise of electronic pop music, making for an interesting combination of sounds, as her music is creatively electronic yet stopping short of dance music thanks to her vocals, full of serious emotions and vulnerability.


It’s rare to see a new artist so open to an unknown audience, but Tei Shi clearly wasn’t afraid on stage, letting each one of us in to her music and showing us her rawest feelings.