SXSW '17: Noname | No. 21

We continue our countdown of our top 25 SXSW artists with no. 21, Noname!


Noname opened the SXSW Music festival with a hugely impressive burst of energy and power through her rap-singer artistry and band behind her. Merging spoken word poetry with the classic style of hip-hop rap, with a touch of melodies at times, the creativity behind her lyrics and her vocalisation blew me away.


What was unique about Noname’s hip hop was the band behind her. Not presenting her lyrics with the ever predictable beats or electronic backing behind her, she really brought the music to life with the use of a live band, including a classic indie set up of drums, guitar, and keys, adding a really musical advanced perspective to her poetry and rap.


Noname, as well as top quality music, was just a great performer, hyping up the audience from start to finish and managing to successfully draw everyone in, hip hop fans and newbies alike, to the point where during her set, there was even a line to get on to the upstairs rooftop where she was performing.


I’m excited and intrigued to see where she takes this revolutionary version of hip hop!