SXSW '17: Devin Dawson | No. 19


Devin Dawson is no. 19 on our top 25 artists we saw in SXSW! We got to see a week of musicians from all over the world, but Devin brought us tunes from the music capital – Nashville!


Devin was showcased with tastemakers from BMI to Spotify at the festival, performing both solo and with his band.


Devin showcases the new style of country-pop that is emerging from Nashville right now, making what can sometimes be a cliquey genre of country music into a contemporary commercially relatable sound, which is an admirable skill in itself.


It takes a really great sound to captivate an audience with just a guitar and a voice, but his tunes are so different, funky while soothing, and really emotive lyrics, making for a really modern country style with a dark edge. Devin’s lyrics are actually one of the most distinct parts of his music for me, as they’re really strong, engaging words, not overwhelmed with metaphors as a lot of ballads tend to be, but also creative, his favourite songs of being ‘All On Me’ and ‘Blind Man,’ both just released this year.


Be sure to check out Devin Dawson and his band!