SXSW '17: Chris Milam | No. 18

SXSW brought us treats from Memphis, Tennessee, with Music Export Memphis bringing their best new emerging talent to Austin, Texas for the festival. And one particular Chris Milam really stood out for us! Being the first artist I saw at SXSW, it was definitely a great start to a week of the world’s best music, and a true introduction to America’s finest!


Bringing us a style of music with his band that you can only really find in the routes of Tennessee is country-rock. This was particularly strong in his song ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,’ which presented us with funky guitar riffs, vocals of all sorts, and a strong sound in the hot Austin heat.


But Milam mixed this vibe with more heartfelt lyrics and softer sounds too, showcasing his all rounded-ness as a performer. You can really tell Milam draws on his life experiences in his music, which leads to a really honest sound and performance.


If you want to get a taste of some classic American music, we highly recommend Chris Milam!