SXSW '17: Charlotte Cardin | No. 17


We continue our countdown of our favourite SXSW artists from this year's music festival.

Montreal Queen Charlotte Cardin comes to SXSW to showcase her dark pop made from a combination of electronic and jazz influences, and we spotted her at Communion Music’s Friday night showcase in the church.


We got to hear her debut single and lead track from EP ‘Big Boy’ that launched her career and put her firmly on the emerging artist scene.


What’s special about Charlotte is that her voice is one you would find in a New York City jazz club late at night, yet she’s taken this and turned it into a contemporary voice you can enjoy in a late night venue.

She’s got a minimal band behind her, just a guitar and some drums, but she really carries the stage on her own and you feel like its just her and her super sensual voice and unstuble lyrics on stage, occasionally playing the keys with the music. I went home afterwards and listened to ‘Bad Boy’ online and was blown away by how identical she sounded live to the recording, giving me faith in the authenticity of her music. Not just sonically, but also emotionally.


The French dialogue with the sound engineer between her songs only added to the charm, reminding us what an interesting soul she is, her French Canadian influences shining through all the way, making her music more identifiable than the usual emerging-artist’s is.