Sofar Sounds: LA 30/06

Sofar Sounds Los Angeles! Our favourite Sofar city, we spent lots of time here on our last trip to LA and we can’t wait to see some more of the hottest new LA artists!



Funny that though, as the first artist of the night was my hometown London’s very own Charlie Cunningham! Charlie performed a chill acoustic set to open the night, just him and his guitar sittin on a chair, and sometimes a barking dog and a ringtone in key playing along too; the nature of Sofar is you can hear literally everything because the audience are so attentative! My favourite song of Charlie’s on the night was ‘Lights Off,’ a song with a funky rhythm (impressive to achieve when performing acoustic), and cool lyrics. Also, always comforting to hear a British accent amongst a pool of Americans….



Tona continued the night. An local artist from Los Angeles itself, she performed an interesting mixture of music influenced from all over the world, bringing in her Mexican influences with her pop vibes, as well as singing her new song in Spanish for us, performed for the first time!  My favourite of hers was ‘Love Potion,’ and opening song ‘Scorpion,’ both with interesting subject matters and sounds.


Brandon Stansell finished the night, and, well – was HE a personality! Catching the audiences’ hearts with his stories of touring with Taylor on her Fearless tour as a dancer, his cover of ‘Our Song’ was definitely unexpected but so welcome. Funnily enough, I wasn’t the only one who knew each word to this song! He was so kind to share some more heartfelt memories with us too, his song ‘Hometown’ talking about his struggles growing up in a conservative community but the strength that he got from it, as well as performing new song for the first time ‘Can’t Remember You.’ Grim lyrics, but upbeat tune! Stansell managed to foster the community vibe that Sofar sets out to create perfectly, so we couldn’t have asked for a better closer.  


And of course we can’t forget MC Greg Santos, who took the role of introducing the artists to the next level and gave us top class comedy sketches throughout the night.


Love to new music!