REVIEW: Bastille, Wild World Tour | New York City

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Bastille bring their Wild World Tour to the other side of the Atlantic, to every musician’s haven – Brooklyn, New York City (Barclays Centre, more specifically).


Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

This awkward-dance filled yet musically genius band Bastille are always a favourite to see live, and it’s so exciting to see them return after 4 years since the release of their debut album. From seeing them perform Bad Blood in a 2,000 Shepherds Bush Empire in the end of London in 2013, to filling up a 20,000 capacity Barclays Centre for Wild World, made me feel so good inside, to see these guys come to far and only improve the music.


It’s rare for an artist who’s exploded on their debut album to be able to make an album that matches or beats the quality of that, but Bastille really showed you how to do that, with Wild World being my favourite piece of work in a long time.


Bastille really brought back the concept of an “album” in Wild World, with an underlying story, themes and motifs carrying throughout each song in the album. The concept of this album is that watching the news can make the world seem awful and make you feel isolated, however to remember the positive relationships and friends and the good in the world that still exists, in whatever minimal capacity it may seem. This message is more apt now than ever, and the best part is, that wasn’t even planned timing! It’s a message that will never be out of date, ever, which is what I think makes Bastille so timeless and wonderful.


We had a right rave with @bastilledan here in Brooklyn 💥💥

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Favourite songs were of course The Currents, Good Grief, Send Them Off, as well their big lead track ‘Warmth.’ The band also performed older classics, closing on the ever-popular ‘Pompeii,’ and opening artist Mondo Cozmo – who we just covered for SXSW – performed a cover of the bands’ song ‘Flaws.’


Other aspects of the night made it a very homely environment. The familiar graphics from their music videos were plastered all over the screens behind them the whole night, along with Dan Smith coming in to the audience numerous times, all the way to the back of the standing area, as well as up the seating area aisles, really covering all parts of the arena, which is an achievement! We also got to see a short video on how the artwork of Wild World was made, finding out it was a real photo from the heights of San Francisco, as opposed to the assumed Photoshop.


The band also had an additional fifth member, which was a surprise. Guess that’s how huge their sound is now! Between frontman Dan Smith’s awkward, repetitive dancing only adding to the charm of the band, and his stunning vocals, a night with Bastille is always a night to remember!