Radiohead | Glastonbury 2017

Radiohead were the first headliners at 2017’s Glastonbury Festival, closing the Friday night’s Pyramid Stage! Marking 20 years from their first Glastonbury headline, the band definitely didn’t fail to bring in quality of both old tracks from back in the day, and their newer material.


Their set was incredibly mellow, more so than one would expect for a headline Glastonbury set. The lighting dim, the graphics mysterious, it fit in to the sombre tunes Radiohead started the set with.


Lead singer Thom Yorke let his voice belt throughout the entire field, with the crowd expanding far and wide out of sight. As the set progressed, they settled more and more in to their more classic hits, and the crowd was able to enjoy the nostalgic sing-along aspect of the festival with their hits.


With two substantial encores leading the band to continue for a total of a two and a half hour set, this was the perfect representation of Glastonbury attendees and music fans constant encouragement of music, re-instating Glastonbury’s main purpose of bringing us three days of the best live music in bands.


Check out the band's performance here, thanks to our BBC: