New Artist of the Week | Tay Salem


Our New Artist of the Week is Tay Salem! He is a special artist who pools his talents in vocals, instrumentation and production together to create his very own EP product start to finish.


The EP really encompasses the idea of an ‘album,’ with the Intro starting a series of songs with a consistent sound and theme, of dark, moody sounds yet competitive with the contemporary commercial scene. Though electronic pop is on the rise, Tay’s slight melancholic yet chill vibe differentiates him from the otherwise saturated electronic pop market.


First track on EP “12:12 (Intro)” is particularly demonstrative of his production skills. Not featuring his vocals, the song is composed of soundscapes and words which appear to be news clippings.


Tay’s vocal ability is also far and above other artists on the market right now. Song ‘Iron’ particularly showcases his vocal range, the song largely sung in a high falsetto range.


You can see there’s something deeper in Tay’s music than simply “making music.” He’s conveying a sense of purpose and truth through his music, not just the lyrics but the composition too. It's also without doubt Tay is making music his own way, with a refusal to conform. All these attributes together make Tay a highly admirable artist!


Check out Tay’s debut EP “Night Mill” here: