New Artist of the Week | Bobby Saint

Our New Artist of the Week is LA based artist Bobby Saint! He just released his new EP ‘Unholy’ last month and we were lucky enough to come across it.


Title track ‘Unholy’ is largely driven with a rock vibe, but has an element of soulful blues intertwined in it, thanks to the funky rhythm and his huge vocal range, a large chunk of the song sung in a high falsetto. ‘Fire & Gold’ is another track on the EP which prominently features a soulful influence. It’s a track you can easily feel yourself jamming to, and has some interesting composition with speaking parts integrated in to the lyrics.


Along with the songwriting, the production is a huge part of creating Saint’s sound. The EP has a consistent ambience throughout each song, served by the production.  Songs ‘Sexy’ and ‘Big Shoes’ both showcase this side of Bobby a lot, ‘Sexy’ in particular having a clear ‘California’ theme and apt accompanying summery vibe.


I’m confident this EP is the first of many, many more innovative, musical songs to come from Bobby Saint! Check it out below: