New Artist of the Week | Bad Pony


Bad Pony is a band from Sydney Australia! Cornered far away from the rest of the world, the guys just came out to NYC’s village venue Pianos, and had a number of performances at Canadian Music Week last week.


They’re not just “indie rock” though, they’re indie rock with a touch of funk and pop which makes them all the more interesting.


Their biggest song ‘Sideways’ – with a slick music video – demonstrates exactly this. There’s an energetic drum beat running through the whole song which keeps the pace and resulting energy of the song high and makes it really uplifting, the 1975-esque riffs taking over the rest of the song, and falsetto vocals with the largest range I’ve heard in a while providing the catchy top line you can’t take off repeat.


Newly released song ‘Deficiency’ demonstrates a darker but equally musical side to the usual pop-rock sound of the band, showcasing their advanced production skills here too on their impressively self-produced EPs, the guitars being heavily distorted accompanied with more interesting instrumentation.


It’s admirable that everything the band puts out there is fully DIY – be it the songwriting, production, or music videos that really propel the image of the band forward, and naturally the band conveys a true authenticity in their performances. We highly recommend keeping track of this Sydney band, they’ll be all over the world very soon! In the meanwhile, check out their new song 'Deficiency' off their upcoming EP: