First Aid Kit | Glastonbury 2017

First Aid Kit mesmerised the entire audience for their Pyramid Main Stage afternoon performance at Glastonbury this year.


A band lesser known than the bands surrounding them, that didn’t stop them being one of the favourites of the day. It’s challenging for a new band – that too, a folk duo – to captivate such a huge audience on the Friday afternoon of Glastonbury, so the fact these ladies did so is a huge indication of their talent.


Their song themes spanning from everything to relationships to rape, First Aid Kit provided an unapologetic, bold range of songs, letting the audience deep in to their thoughts – an honour for us.


The band have a largely folk sound, yet build their sound with a rock line up – the two main band members taking the bass and the guitar, yet complimenting these with country-esque harmonies and melodies.


The duo really connected with the audience, and even in those classic festival moments where you can’t see the stage through the crowd, it was still never hard to connect with the duo just through their music and lyrics alone, signifying the power their music carries.

Check out their performance here courtesy of BBC Music: