EP REVIEW: I SEE RIVERS 'Standing Barefoot'


We’re so excited to feature I SEE RIVERS’ debut EP! These girls have been with us from the start, and we’ve been lucky enough to see them grow, from opening our live night at The Barfly in February 2016, to headlining our night at The Roundhouse and selling it out!


The multiple sold out London shows of these girls should in itself demonstrate the anticipation that came with the release of this five-track EP.


The ‘Standing Barefoot’ EP opens with title track ‘Barefoot,’ a song always performed in their live set. This is a song with all sorts of instrumental emotions, from picking the acoustic guitar to intense usage of the floor tom to create tension. The song goes through a rollercoaster of emotions, journeying from tranquillity to urgency. ‘Barefoot’ really takes you through a story, and the songwriting talent of I See Rivers can only be praised.


Photo: Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photo: Copyright Concentus Music 2017

‘DA RAM’ follows. A song which particularly highlights their Norwegian influences, this song has a rhythm and melody not common in popular music today. The instrumentation is particularly unique here, with Eline’s glockenspiel playing adding a particular twinkle to the song. The song covered head to toe in harmonies, the unity of the three members – Eline, Goril, and Lill, is most prominent here.


Ocean is another song often performed by the band featured on the EP, showcasing a darker sound from the band. This song reminds me more of their folk influences, and the natural sound to this song enabling the listener to really envisage the ‘Ocean.’


The EP also consists of songs not performed live and not heard by their dedicated live audience, “Evening Light” and “Slow Down.” ‘Evening Light’ shows us a simpler composition than other songs on the EP, but this lets us really focus on the pure voices of the three vocalists, remembering how rare it is to find a band where all members sing and play, making I See Rivers’ sound incomparably rich. ‘Slow Down’ particularly has some very intense layers of vocals, with the calming phrase ‘Slow Down, we’re ok’ repeated throughout the song, enhanced by some implications of string instruments.


The entire EP has an ambience to it through its production, and though a different vibe to each song, all tracks are linked through the girls’ consistent harmonies and high standard of performance. The charm that the girls carry on stage making all audiences fall in love, and for a long time, is not lost on the recordings, where the personalities and intelligence of all three members of the band, not to mention the crystal clear vocals and instrumental talent, shines through too.


You can’t help but love Eline, Goril, and Lill, so I See Rivers is a band you don’t want to miss out on – live or recorded! Listen below: