Communion Music: Rockwood NYC | May

Communion Music returned to Rockwood Music Hall for their first Tuesday of the month residency! This night had one of the most exciting line-ups of all the nights I’ve seen, with killer artists in each of the three rooms in Rockwood.


I walked in to The New Respects taking over the main room Stage 2, a funky group comprised of four siblings fusing a mixture of pop, rock, and soul. The vibrancy on stage with a multitude of colours and the dance moves, a long with the stellar music which could be jammed to from outside the venue, this band had the attention of the entire venue. ‘Money’ is definitely my favourite song of theirs – an advanced composition with a funky beat and thoughtful lyrics.


Ralph took to the stage after them. An electronic pop singer who admirably flew all the way from Toronto just for the gig, her songs had the most “human” topics possible, starting with “Busy Man,” a song about the excessively busy nature of people, as well as “Something More,” a song examining how people are never satisfied by what they have and always in search of something more. Other songs performed include ‘Bedroom Eyes,’ ‘Tease,’ and ‘Lit the Fire,’ which had my favourite tune to it from all her songs, with a really chill yet melodic vibe. She also performed ‘Cold to the Touch,’ a song for which she has a new music video coming out.

Jess Best headlined the night in the packed Stage 2, with her full entourage of 8 band members on stage providing us with a full glimpse in to her sound. Jess is primiarly a singer songwriter, but the band behind her gave her the funky-soul edge, with the popular electronic vibe to it, making her set perfect for live.


Other performers on the night on Rockwood’s Stage 1 included Weakened Friends – a hugely accomplished rock trio bringing a new angle to indie guitar music. The two lead vocalist / guitarists, Sonie and Annie, brought a huge personality to the set, including an apt introduction to their song ‘Miserable,’ as they were feeling “miserable” after the drive up apparently. We loved them anyway!


Photocomfort was another band who really stood out for us, an electronic trio with the lead singer playing a handheld electronic keyboard- resembling instrument whilst performing. A group falling in to the new market of electronic pop that’s taking over the live music scene right now, it was great to see them take a new creative spin on it with this innovative instrumentation!


Communion Music runs monthly residencies all over the US and in London, and is really a huge concentration of the country’s best new music, so check it out! First Tuesday of each month, Rockwood Music Hall NYC.