Citi Summer Concert Series - Barns Courtney, Ariana and the Rose | LA


Citi is bringing free music to the heart of LA at hot-spot The Grove every Wednesday of July, and we got to see it kick off last night with Ariana and the Rose and Barns Courtney! Two artists we’ve been following for a long time only got to see live for the first time thanks to Citi, last night was definitely one to remember.



Ariana and the Rose were first up. With the sun setting behind them, after huge success in NYC and London for the past few months, the band performed in LA for the first time in three years! Ariana performed songs from her EP Retrograde, my favourite of the night being ‘How Does That Make You Feel,’ a bright, ambient sound, which showcases the most her electronic-pop vibe that she is forming. Ariana performed ‘Dirty Dancing,’ one of her older songs about a break up she had whilst at a roller disco (definitely a unique subject to sing about!), and closed on her biggest hit ‘Supercool.’ Ariana and the Rose is more than just the music, but Ariana’s style, stage presence, and personality with importance placed on connecting with her audience all form part of what was such a great live set.



Barns Courtney followed to headline the night, and wow what an interesting show that was. His first performance since breaking his leg just last weekend, though sitting down most of the hour, he didn’t fail to bring the most energetic live set I have probably ever seen! Fully embracing the broken leg as he was wheeled on to stage on a hospital bed by his friend dressed as a nurse, and wearing a hospital gown as his outfit, Barns was saying himself it was the most fun he'd ever had. But from there on you weren’t distracted from his brilliant music and voice. His multi-instrumentalist talents weren’t unnoticed, playing acoustic guitar with his band, ‘Attractions of Youth’ on the keys, and even the harmonica in one track, and his voice strong as ever (even when he threw his crutches in to the air and fall over on his leg!) He performed his biggest and most anticipated song ‘Glitter & Gold’ as well as new single ‘Dandelion Teeth,’ part of the new album with which he has just toured the US with.


We were so glad we finally got to see both Ariana and Barns, and if you’re in the LA area, be sure to head to The Grove on Wednesdays this month for some free music from the future of the music industry!