Blossoms | Glastonbury 2017

BLOSSOMS take to the huge Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival this year for what must be one of their biggest appearances yet.


For a set so early on in the day at 1pm, the band gathered an impressive crowd, showing just how far Blossoms have got in such a short span of time.


The band performed their obvious huge hits such as ‘Blown Rose,’ being the most exciting part of the set, which lent itself for a huge festival sing-along from crowds far and wide, the vibe that any band aims to create at Glastonbury, particularly on the main stage. Other songs performed included new song Honey Sweet, and ‘At Most A Kiss,’ which used an acoustic guitar and heavily emphasised the synths – bold choices in a rock band main stage set up.


It was impressive that with the magnitude of the stage and audience, Blossoms still succeeded in including their audience participation that is such an integral part of their set at all their gigs, using audiences’ names as part of their break up songs, responding to signs, and in general, showing off their refreshing youthfulness.


My admiration for Blossoms increases with each performance, and to pull off such a Glastonbury set so early in their career – with nerves even barely visible- is highly commendable!


Check out their performance here, thanks to our wonderful BBC Music!: