Collard | Debut album 'Unholy' with first run of London live shows

Collard008_small res_credit Ashley J Bourne.jpg

Collard is a rising artist out of the South London’s elegant soul-pop scene, with music that is characterised by jazz and funk compositions with soulful melodies and harmonies.  


The impact of the songs comes from connecting with the lyrics. This has created a very special debut album, ‘Unholy,’ where new single ‘Murder Murder’ perfectly introduces his music to a new audience, setting the tone of the sort of artist he wants to be. The romantically bleak lyrics (Take my heart instead / Take these words you said / Leave me dead) leaves an initial shock, but slapped on to some epic, orchestral type guitar riffs and massive drum hits, his musical ability with his band is also proven to be at a high standard and makes for a great live show.


Collard found himself on the line up for Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac’s AMP Present night at The Jazz Café last week, just days after his own sold out debut headline down the road at Camden Assembly. Proving himself a popular artist on the rise by the queue that accumulated for entrance outside of the AMP show, he closed on song ‘Merciless’ which was a particularly memorable song to see live, filled with laid back instrumentation juxtaposed with slick harmony.  


Check out the live video for his new single ‘Murder Murder’ here!