REVIEW: Angie McMahon's first full-band London show | The Lexington SOLD OUT

Photo: @adamjsnape

Photo: @adamjsnape


Angie McMahon delivered a top-standard performance to her 200-cap audience for her first full-band show in London, coming all the way from Australia. She did not waste the opportunity to introduce herself in this new light to the UK, performing both old and upcoming releases, and even giving us a back story to each one. One was following a frustrating date trying to explain what feminism meant, and some contain a more casual message – but either way, London left the venue with no doubts that Angie was an artist whose deep voice and guitar riffs were worth supporting.


She also brought out her close friend and musical companion Leif Vollebeck to sing a collaboration together, followed by a Bruce Springsteen cover. The two have been on the road together before and also feature in each other’s releases. Bringing such a close collaborator to the stage was part of being able to see the big community that Angie has forged around her, and even within her audience.


Every detail in the gig contributed to creating the homely vibe that Angie aimed for, from the fairy lights that wrapped her microphone to the personal thank yous and dedications she made to her team. Angie’s own value of community really set the tone for the night.


She closed on her song ‘Pasta,’ which saw the audience singing along from start to the end. Lyrics opening with “My bedroom is a disaster” / “I spend too much time eating pasta” to the slogan “I’ve Been Lost” repeated throughout the song were lyrics relatable for any young person today.


The vulnerability that Angie owns and shares in her music, yet never failing to provide an uplifting tone, made her endearing to a very responsive audience.


Check out her latest song ‘Pasta’ here and watch out for future tour



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