Lizzo gives London dance, song, and some tips in self-love to complete concert of the year!

Photo: Burak Cingi

Photo: Burak Cingi

Lizzo has made a phenomenal impact on the world’s pop scene in 2019. After spending a few years making the circuits upon the release of her independent debut album in 2015, she’s broken through this year and has reached the attention of every music lover there is.


She brought her infectious dancing, self-love inspo, and funky pop-tastic songs to London’s O2 Kentish Town Forum for a sold out show on the bank holiday (and it’s quite an achievement to get a Londoner out on a bank holiday!)


Though without a band on stage, the impact of the music was not reduced by the use of a backing track, because her vocals were still what truly carries her perofmrnace, her back-up dancers complete the visuals and the conversations with the audience add the intmate personal element to it too.


‘Water Me’ was a particularly memorable performance of the night, as she pre-faced the song by being able to have the audience chant the slogan ‘I am my own inspiration,’ but more importantly, really make everyone feel it. ‘Tempo’ was another favourite of the night which had everyone off their feet, and the night ultimately ended with an encore which saw her perform song with dozens of millions of hits - ‘Juice.’


The night ended with the ultimate British challenge… can London be louder than Manchester? Hell yes we can, and we beat Manchester’s decibel record and broke the  record for the venue whilst we were at it.


Lizzo’s concert was quite the special moment, with such a mind-blowing performance that I’m sure it was possible to enjoy even for those not too familiar with the music. Everyone in the 2,300 cap venue left as an undoubtable Lizzo fan for life!

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