Boy Azooga | SXSW 2019 Top Pick!

Boy Azooga at SXSW - Photo © Concentus Music

Boy Azooga at SXSW - Photo © Concentus Music


Boy Azooga are band of four Cardiff lads, who don’t just play their music, but they perform. Meticulous in every part of their performance to the point they managed to incorporate some choreography (nothing major, but the synchronised twisting and turning the members portrayed was highly effective on a small stage).


Lead singer Davey’s charismatic persona adds to the charm of the band. It’s no doubt how much fun they are having on stage, which can’t help you having but a massive smile on your face.


The band are also significantly more experienced than many other bands at the festival, already having toured their debut album across the UK just days before the festival, which included a headline at London’s 800 cap Scala. The beginning of their American journey was met with just as crazy a fan base, and Boy Azooga ended up as our top pick for this year’s SXSW, no question.


Check out their debut album here so you are well prepared for this must-see band this upcoming festival season!