REVIEW: Alice Phoebe Lou | Debut Album 'Paper Castles' and International Tour

Photo © Concentus Music - Alice Phoebe Lou at SXSW

Photo © Concentus Music - Alice Phoebe Lou at SXSW


Alice Phoebe Lou’s sophomore album ‘Paper Castles’ was released last month, ahead of her first ever run of US shows at SXSW.


Alice makes music that is undoubtedly coming from her own ideas, in the sound, lyrics, and emotion that ensemble to make the album. Her childhood is the focus of the narrative – both the trauma, and the enchanting bits. But more so than a nostalgic piece of work, she has produced a reflective piece, using it an an opportunity to explore herself today and and the transformation to who she is now.


This is complimented by the songs being composed using the sound of her childhood too. Where she spent her late teen years residing in Berlin, this influence shines through as her composition is laden with soundscapes, and significant contribution from electronic instruments. However, there is also a smooth jazz vibe to it, and she also performs with an acoustic guitar on stage, which adds a raw element to her music and is what creates an intriguing yet calming sound.


 “Galaxies” – the latest single from the album and first of 2019 - gave a perfect introduction to what the album to come would be, and on the track-list, runs straight on to title track “Paper Castles.” The placement of these songs next to each other in the album augments their effectiveness in portraying her journey. The song contains those fairy-tale like tones, with notes reminiscent of wind chimes.


The album conveys a milestone in Alice’s life, reaching adulthood as a woman, but also signifies a milestone in her career as the album that has led to sold out tours across the world as a truly distinct piece of art.


Following her international tour, she returns to the UK for a headline show. Grab tickets to the headline show in London tonight at Earth Hackney HERE where you can also buy copies of the album!