WATCH: Another Sky's Stunning New Video for "The Cracks"

Photo © Concentus Music - Another Sky at SXSW

Photo © Concentus Music - Another Sky at SXSW


Catrin Vincent has developed a reputation for her deep, rich voice providing the lead vocals for fast-rising band Another Sky. Today’s new release from the band ‘The Cracks’ sees her voice entering a new territory, with the whole band delivering their performance with more power than ever before.


‘The Cracks’ is the second preview that audiences have had from their upcoming EP “Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds” – a title emulating a very spiritual experience through an ordinary everyday relatable household object. The beauty of this metaphor perfectly encapsulates the energy that Another Sky hope (and succeed) to achieve.


‘The Cracks’ is clearly a vital part of the narrative in this EP, which was created as a response to a Leonard Cohen lyric “the cracks, that’s how the light gets in.” Another Sky let their songwriting be dedicated to the young adult’s fighting for justice in today’s seemingly dark world, but showing a hope of a positive result at the end in justice and community, and “progress and evolution” as Vincent summarises.


The ability to put this emotion in to such tight lyrics, and to further visualise this with such effectiveness in the video is astonishing. It is filmed entirely around a wooden box where you can only see the band members through the literal cracks in the box they are trapped in.

Watch the stunning video here, and meanwhile grab your tickets to their biggest headline show yet at Village Underground this September HERE!




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