NEW SINGLE: The Beaches | Snake Tongue

Photo 1 - Credit_ Felice Trinidad LR.jpg

A casually cool group of four women summarises Toronto based band The Beaches. The latest single ‘Snake Tongue’ is an example of the band’s unadulterated rock music, pure in live instruments. Featuring powerful drum beats and guitar riffs, this next to front-woman Jordan Miller’s deep vocals makes for a punchy sound.


This care they put in to their performance makes the otherwise heavy topic of ‘Snake Tongue’ -  their experience with unwanted sexual attention from males - still an energetic, enjoyable listen. The band are atypical for the rock scene, carrying an appeal to the pop fans too because of the vivacious delivery, and the major-key, and harmony laden contemporary composition. Plus, the blunt lyrics including “You’re just being lame and I hate your cold snake tongue” are no doubt relatable to their young adult audience.   


This comes after their successful 2017 debut album ‘Late Show,’ in which each song is fuelled with adrenaline, creating the perfect setting for head-banging and mosh pits in a live show. The Beaches set the standards high for the future of rock. Check out new single Snake Tongue here: