Cullen Omori: New Album 'The Diet'


Cullen Omori delivers some feel good pop addressing some pretty dire issues in his new album ‘The Diet’– a typical and much loved combo by the indie community.  


There was a two year gap between his debut release ‘New Misery’ and ‘The Diet,’ and the positive development in his music is apparent. Though still consistent in his sound, the themes he addresses are a lot more hard hitting, and naturally so considering the turbulent events Omori describes himself to have faced lately.


Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘The Diet’ album, Omori explains how it came from a place where he was “emotionally and spiritually drained” following a series of unfortunate events. But he has certainly channelled this in to making an album, effective in candidly sharing his experiences with his audiences.


He is an American artists from Chicago to LA, but definitely echoes elements of the old school British rock and new school British pop. His tunes resemble the likes of Blossoms, laden with bright guitar riffs with ambience, and laid back vocal top line.


Check out ‘The Diet’ above!