AHI: New Album 'In Our Time'

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AHI is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has delivered a stomping sophomore album ‘In Our Time.’


His warm yet rich voice is contrasted with the occasional huskiness which comes through, giving his voice a unique sound. The recordings sound like a live gig – not over produced, but exactly how it would sound on a live stage. This charming humanistic edge to the music makes the album a soothing winner.  


Title track ‘In Our Time’ is a mellow track. It doesn’t showcase a huge range, but that’s not needed to demonstrate the message of the song. ‘Made It Home’ is the lead single off of the album, which is a tune that showcases best his musicality, where aside from the featured violins which give it a sense of ambience, the main focus of the song is his vocals and poetic lyrics.


An album made largely of ballads, he still manages to create a lively, upbeat signature sound through his use of live instruments with the band behind him. Most notably, his guitar playing provides a rough, old school country rock edge to the music.


He introduced his new music to London with a show at Omeara earlier in the week. ‘In Our Time’ will definitely see AHI step in to the forefront of the live music scene in the months coming up.


Check out the new album above!

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