REVIEW: Halsey Headline Tour | With Raye + Alma | Hammersmith Apollo

Photo: Instagram @iamhalsey @donlens

Photo: Instagram @iamhalsey @donlens


Halsey brought her 2017 album ‘Hopeless Foundation Kingdom’ to the UK, for her first London show in two and a half years, at Hammersmith Apollo.


She just reached number 1 last week with her collaboration with Khalid on ‘Eastside,’ performing the duet as a solo song on the night too. She also performed her huge hit ‘Closer’ which was released in collaboration with the Chainsmokers, but she delivered an acoustic rendition on the night.


The production was class too, full of visual graphics to water to pyrotechnics. Halsey however carried the entire performance with just herself on stage – no extravagant dance routines or back up singers to make her sound good- just her live band. She merely at times performed dances in a duet with another, making for effective visuals which went hand in hand with the intensity of her performances.  



Halsey expressed her adoration for her UK fan base, comparing how in her US shows where only her radio hits are known, a London live show, the fans come for the album. This lent itself the opportunity for Halsey to invite a number of fans randomly picked from the audience to come join her on stage towards the end as she sang her oldest songs with them. Needless to say, the group was overwhelmed with the chance to sing with their idol, and even the rest of the audience were astounded by the show.


Raye and Alma opened up the night for Halsey, making it a pop-tastic all ladies night. The uprise of electronic pop is often over saturated, but these three are at the top of the game and each creates something truly unique with themselves. All the way from Alma’s ‘Chasing Highs,’  to Raye’s ‘Decline,’ to Halsey’s ‘Eastside,’ the night was a right party start to finish.


Not a surprise this line up sold out two consecutive nights at Hammersmith Apollo!

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