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Photo: Instagram @lauvsongs

Photo: Instagram @lauvsongs


Lauv sells out London’s KOKO on his biggest UK tour to date. After a stellar 2017 including support tours with Ed Sheeran (another one is upcoming), and chart topping singles, it was only a special moment to see this artist live as he tours his new album ‘I met you when I was 18.”


His latest single ‘Superhero’ is accompanied by a charming story. The creation of the song comes out of a note that was left for Lauv in his ‘blue thoughts’ box – a box he leaves at the merch table at each of his gigs and asks his audience to write down any thought that they may have in mind at that time. Upon finding a note at a Boston show which read “I found a superhero / I lost her / I want her back,” just like that was born the chorus of his new song.


Other vibrant moments of the night was ‘I Like Me Better’ and ‘The Other,’ both songs that have become some of the most streamed tracks of today – a huge achievement to claim for an artist at the beginning of his career.  


The whole night itself was very telling of the huge future Lauv has – a talented multi instrumentalist and top notch vocalist, even showing us huge guitar solos. His show is already ready for arenas - epic production and lighting added a visual element to the night and made it an all rounded show.


Charlotte Lawrence supported, who is a fellow LA resident like Lauv. She also delivers electronic pop, but uses a highly innovative method of production.


Seeing Lauv in a 200 cap Webster Hall in his home on New York City in 2016 for the first time, to see him come as far as this night, was a warm feeling and only leaves us with huge anticipation what else is to come.

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