SWITCH: Seramic, Apre, Yoke Lore, Lova

Yoke Lore - Photo - Instagram @baabaathegreat

Yoke Lore - Photo - Instagram @baabaathegreat


Communion Music bring a huge new emerging artist night to Omeara. An addition to their well established nights at Notting Hill Arts Club, new night Switch really takes it up to the next level. This month saw Lova, Yoke Lore, Apre, and Seramic take to the stage.


Lova is a brand new pop-star who has accumulated a buzz for herself from her single ‘Insecurities.’ She comes straight from Sweden’s buzzing pop scene, joining the lost list of pop princesses who have come from there. Flying all the way to London just for the show, she has proven herself to be a competitive contender in London’s pop scene.


Yoke Lore is another international star beginning his rise in the UK. Hailing from the US, he innovatively merges his native routes bringing a banjo to the front of the stage, but also incorporates contemporary electronic vibes. On first sight, it seems like a risk, but Yoke Lore certainly makes it work. He is certainly and admirably doing this own thing, not boxing himself to one style. He also returned to Omeara last night as support to Jake Isaac, consolidating a newly acquired fan base in London for sure.


Apre continued the night. A band who have had a stellar summer performing at every spot they could including BBC Introducing, the electronic duo deliver catchy rhythms and lyrics you can’t help sing along to.


Seramic headlined the night. Though sounding like a band name, Seramic is actually solo artist Marcus Foster, and the band behind him performing songs he wrote. He emulates the sound of a more classic singer songwriter band, without the fancy electronic gadgets. We get a chance to re-visit the routes of indie music with him, and Seramic just grabs the audiences’ attention from just the quality of the songs.


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