Brooke Bentham: New Single 'Out Of My Mind'



Brooke Bentham has the bass-line in her tunes that would work on both an acoustic guitar as a folk tune, or with a full band heavy in guitar riffs and pedals, as she does on her records. The diverse capability of each of her releases proves the quality of her songs, and the core of her songwriting really is what carries her music forward – the instruments around it merely giving it a slicker edge.


Her new tune ‘Out Of My Mind’ is an example of exactly this. It showcases a tougher side of Brooke both through its lyrics and (“I don’t need that shit, I don’t believe in it” being the most poignant lyrics of the song) than her previous songs have showcased. It’s a very personal song addressed to a specific person, with a very direct message, addressing her own relationship.


The song also features distorted guitar riffs and heavy drums which are reminiscent of old school grunge rock. Brooke goes one step farther forward from her more signature soft rock with ‘Out Of My Mind’ as we witness her entering the next stage of her artistry.


Brooke is on tour this month supporting Soccer Mommy, so make sure to head down early to the show to catch this new gritty popstar. Check ‘Out Of My Mind’ out here!

Vidisha JainLondon2Comment