Ben Khan: Debut Album OUT NOW

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 18.37.21.png

Ben Khan released his self-titled debut album this week, leading music lovers to the next stage of electronic music’s era. Presenting a pioneering take on the use of sounds and instruments, whereby his voice is also merely merged in to the instrumentation rather than providing a top line of its own most of the time.


The ambient theme of the album induces a tranquil yet intense feeling. Lead single ‘2000 Angels’ is the particular contender of the album, which subtly features Khan’s vocals too. As the opening track, when listening to the album as a whole, it represents what the album is about: it’s not meant to make you dance, or make you sing along, but make you feel.


Khan describes the purpose of his album is indeed to “take you out of your reality for a bit and take it to the start of a fantasy place” and it is safe to say he has attained his goal. Check out the full album on Spotify here!