BBC Music Introducing - Kawala, Zuzu, Apre | The Lexington

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BBC Introducing have built up a huge influence in London’s emerging artist space over the last couple of years, with a prominent festival presence and more notably, their monthly showcases at The Lexington.


This month saw Apre opening the night. Newly signed to Polydor Records, the duo performed songs from their debut EP released in May, ‘The Movement of Time.’ The EP and live set both see Apre, the core of which is a duo and with a live band behind them, encompassing electronic pop with a majestic spin, including a slight orchestral touch in tunes such as ‘After Me.’


Zuzu continued the night. The Liverpool solo artist who featured a full band to the stage with her, Zuzu brought a live perspective to a pop heavy set. She showed off her versatility with a range of styles and tones, including performing a Cardi B cover. The night proved a perfect introducing for Zuzu to the London live music circuit, upon signing a major deal just at the start of the year.


Concentus favourites Kawala headlined what was turned out to be a sold out show – a usual trait of any line up Kawala feature on! The lads performed tracks from their new EP ‘DILYD’, which has racked up over 5million streams, including title track and also ‘Funky’ released just a couple of weeks prior to the show. We also had a sneak peak of unreleased tunes, including an unnamed song (which in our opinion should just be called ‘Don’t Lose Your Way’… thoughts, boys?). One of the tracks they’ve been performing for the longest time ‘Mighty River’ also made an appearance, giving their long term fans a chance to sing along. The night ended with BBC Introducing presenter Jess Iszatt asking the audience what their EP title ‘DILYD’ means, there was a resounding reassured chant of ‘Do It Like You Do’ – the fan loyalty shining through.


If you’re interested in new music in anyway whatsoever (and if you’re reading this, I could only assume you are), make sure to check out BBC Introducing’s monthly Lexington shows. The next one sees Sorry, Alaskalaska, and Grand Pax on August 2nd at The Lexington. Be there!