NEW SINGLE: Kate Teague 'Good To You'

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 16.21.14.png

Kate Teague released new single ‘Good To You’ this week. Only the second single from this Southern-state American pop artist, Teague has already marked herself as a favourite to watch worldwide. These releases are leading up to the launch of her debut album early next year, which is shaping up to be a promising collection of songs showcasing her raw vulnerability that makes her lyrics so credible.


Recording her album in Memphis, just outside her hometowns of Mississippi and Alabama, Teague is marks the start of a new wave of modern pop that is to come out of America’s deep south. However, the charming musical soul of Tennessee still shines through, as her songs are drenched in rich guitar’s being the main accompaniment to her vocals - this sound particularly intriguing amongst British listeners.


‘Good To You’ follows her debut release ‘Low Life’ earlier this year, as Teague proves her music to have a consistency and presents to us a new sound not similar to other music from her background, but instead she dares to boldly define her own musical identity. Check out 'Good To You' below!