Millie Turner's First Ever Live Show | Thousand Island, London

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 19.49.07.png

Millie Turner performed her first ever set earlier this week at Thousand Island (previously Upstairs at The Garage). Accumulating an impressive audience, with an exuberating confidence, the set seemed anything but Millie’s first go. Her audience comprised of loyal followers who were familiar with the lyrics and melodies of her 2018 releases. There was a huge family and friends presence too – naturally for an emerging artist - creating a homely vibe, yet she also attracted a fair amount of fan followers.


Our personal favourite is ‘She Was A Dancer.’ After hearing it once, the song is instantly recognisable, sticks in the mind and has as a result reached playlists far and wide.


Millie proves herself to be more than just a pop artist though, with her release ‘The Shadow,’ a tune taking the club circuit by storm right now. Turner has expanded in to the electronic dance scene with this, showing her multi-faceted artistic abilities.  The song sees luscious vocals as Turner takes on rhythmic spoken word style interludes in the song, making heads turn and ears perk up for this bold creativity delivered.


It’s not common to encounter such charm in a brand new artist, but Turner’s impressive collection of releases has enabled her to sprint to the forefront of the pop music scene. She is lucky enough to have made an impact from releases whilst still honing her live set, but by this time next year, we’re certain she’ll be a favourite on every festival line up and headlining her own shows in no time.