REVIEW: The Howl & The Hum | SOLD OUT London Show

Photo: @thehowlandthehum

Photo: @thehowlandthehum

York band The Howl & The Hum had their first gander at London town this week. London welcomed the rock quartet with a sold out gig at the ever popular Camden Assembly- the go to place for new artists about to hit the highs. This followed a well received set at London’s Citadel Fesitval on the Communion Stage, as they begin their first ever run of the festival circuit this summer.


The group are known for fusing dark themes with uplifting fronts and comedic narrative throughout, enabling the audience to have a good time yet still delivering important messages that the lads wish to. ‘I Wish I Was A Shark’ is their best known title, and is a perfect example of a song which has a dark theme with a light spin on its delivery.


The Howl & The Hum also have an intriguing running theme of James Gallier, an architect from the 19th Century who the band create a thread linking their songs together with, and certainly teaching their audience an unexpected history lesson.


Their latest release and most popular tune ‘Godmanchester Chinese Bridge’ closed the night of their first – of many to come I’m sure – sold out London nights. This song saw the band delivering a more anthemic tune, and one that can easily fit in an arena setting a few years down the line.


The group’s sonic identity is characterised by Sam Griffith’s strong lead vocals, and a bass guitar that carries power in each song. ‘Good Life’ was a personal favourite, with an especially funky bass line, and a brand new one of the band, only making us anticipate with more excitement full length releases down the line!


Make sure to check out The Howl & The Hum soon, and to catch the next issue of our magazine which features a full interview with the guys!