NEW VIDEO: Otzeki 'Angry Fix'

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Upon release of their debut album ‘Binary Childhood’ earlier this year, duo Otzeki release their second single ‘Angry Fix.’


Otzeki deliver innovative electronic music, yet fit in to the live band scene due to their combination of live instruments and vocals to accompany to create a minimalistic funky vibe to the otherwise primarily electronic music.


Sonically, ‘Angry Fix’ is a perfect demonstration of the band’s signature style, which is first and foremost an electronic sound. However, Otzeki also touch on elements of rock, as live instrumentation form a huge part of their compositions, as well as their lyrics being the core of the meaning of each song.


Contrary to what the title may suggest, ‘Angry Fix’ itself is quite laid back and minimalistic – though the calm and composed delivery makes the message about the dissatisfacntion that social media even more poignant.  


The video to accompany ‘Angry Fix’ shows Otzeki off to be a lot more than just good music though. An all rounded creativity from the duo shines through, presenting an eye-locking aesthetic that draws any viewer in. The video sees vocalist Mike in an intriguing representation of the inside of the brain of one grappling with today’s ever changing online world, often not for the better.


Already receiving accolades including the title of Album of the Week on Radio 1, and notable ones to watch from SXSW, Otzeki are soon to hit the highs! Check out 'Angry Fix' here: