SINGLE REVIEW: Rumours 'The Traveller'


Straight from the centre of the electro-pop wave in new music, London trio Rumours release their new song ‘The Traveller.’ A song identified by a carefully crafted combination of vocals and electronic production, but has added in an element of live instruments. Rumours prove their creativity to be on a new level, and give themselves a musically advanced edge in the live music space, with iconic venues from Koko’s Club NME to Village Underground on their CV.


The song ‘The Traveller’ delivers a minimalistic yet high energy sound, successfully conveying the thrill about new experiences in new places that the group have encountered between themselves. The song is drenched in atmospheric, dreamy sounds that let their listeners enter a different mental space, truly empathising with the notion of a traveller.


Make sure to check out Rumours’ song ‘The Traveller’ here: