SINGLE REVIEW: Ryan Keen | 'Never Let You Down'


Ryan Keen first off is classified as an acoustic artist, however his new single ‘Never Let You Down’ shares a more experimental, almost quite funky experience of acoustic music and the genre’s full potential.


His music is delivered with slick production to accompany it, and a touch of a hip hop influence seeps it’s way in into an otherwise pop-folk track, each song characterised by strong tight rhythms. Keen’s innovative fusion of styles allows ‘Never Let You Down’ to be a strong competitor in today’s emerging artist scene.


‘Never Let You Down’ follows a line of single releases that Keen has done over the last couple of years, including ‘Thoughts’ – a song which touches on the personal struggles he has been combatting over the years. He is set to release his first album in five years since his debut ‘Room For Light’ back in 2013, including a collaboration with Ed Sheeran in the works.  


Check out his new song ‘Never Let You Down,’ as it marks the start of Keen’s next phase!