The Beaches | The Great Escape Top 10

Photo: Instagram @callyjoynson

Photo: Instagram @callyjoynson


Classic-style rock music is rumoured to be a dying art these days, but Toronto’s band The Beaches defy this convention and deliver a collection of songs heavy in guitar riffs, powerful drum beats, and deep vocals from front-lady Jordan Miller.


The quality of unadulterated rock music that came our way from The Beaches was commendable, without the excessive electronica to compensate that rock music often feels it has to take. Yep, these ladies are rock n roll like it’s meant to be. But their youthful energy gives their sound a contemporary edge, making them competitive in today’s new music scene.


Unafraid to provoke a mosh-pit, in particular their final song ‘Late Show’ always gets the crowd going more than usual. Title track to their debut album, the off and on sound of this adrenaline inducing song makes for a song full of suspense, the audience being 100% at the command of the group’s instruments when to head-bang.


Delivering a wild set to an unsuspecting crowd, the group ended the night with a fresh batch of fans who were taken by surprise. Playing their first ever Great Escape, followed by their first London show in five years the following week at Dalston’s Birthday, the group certainly have made an impression on their first real run of shows in the UK.