Grace Carter | The Great Escape Top 10

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Grace Carter’s status of an emerging artist is reaching its end, as she can already boast support tours with the likes of Dua Lipa and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man on her CV.


As one of Brighton’s home-grown talents, she packed out Friday afternoons slot at The Beach House, performing to a hearty few hundred music fans right in the centre of Brighton Beach.


Carter by first impression is an artist on the electro-pop wave, but her delicate yet also powerful vocals give her tranquillity that brings her back in to soul-pop.


Songs such as ‘Silence’ carry more of an anthemic vibe, with the harmonies and featuring grand instrumentation behind her. ‘Silhouette’ is really an acoustic song in its own right, whilst ‘Saving Grace’ is a song which fuses keys with live synths. This variety of dynamics and production styles in her music make her live sets be constantly moving forward, showing Carter to admirably break out of musical conventions all around.


Her original approach to music is what has taken her leaps and bounds ahead of the game, letting us witness her fast up rise amongst her fellow artists.