Alma | The Great Escape Top 10


Clad in bulletproof vests, Alma and her crews striking fashion choice delivered an invigorating midnight set at the VEVO house at Wagner Hall on the opening night of The Great Escape.



Alma brings the live energy back to pop dance music, showcasing one of the strongest vocals in the charts today. The production of the performance itself was just as if it was Alma’s very own arena performance, between the dancers and flashing orange lights behind her which could almost resembled pyrotechnics.


Having already achieved surmountable commercial success with her song ‘Chasing Highs,’ as far as appearing on a line up for a festival of ‘new music’ goes, she was definitely at the upper end of the spectrum. This was only confirmed by the audience’s hearty sing along and massive queues, the set streamed on big screens outside the venue too so everyone could get a piece.


We’re certain that it was probably one of the last chances for UK’s music fans to catch a glimpse of her in a somewhat intimate venue as she continues her up rise in the music industry.