Suzi Wu | SXSW Top 25

Suzi Wu at SXSW - Photo © Concentus Music - Reproduction without permission not permitted

Suzi Wu at SXSW - Photo © Concentus Music - Reproduction without permission not permitted

Suzi Wu has spent the last three years developing her aesthetic and fine-tuning her sound behind closed curtains. But now, she has exploded on to the scene and has proven unstoppable since re-launching herself, including a record deal with historically rich label Def Jam (Universal) in New York City on her 20th birthday last month.


On stage it’s just petite Suzi herself, and her accompanist Otto Hashimi – an artist who Suzi deems a ‘musical genius,’ taking the lead in playing their beats and collaborative production. And unexpectedly the audience is met with this powerhouse voice of Suzi’s, and the energy in the room triples and Suzi takes over the stage. She also brings out the electric guitar in a couple of the songs, impressive as she is completely self taught in music.


The charm of Suzi’s performance comes from more than just the songs, but also her liberating persona on stage. Though Suzi Wu may be an alter ego of Suzie McDermott, there is still a genuineness of character on stage. Song about sex? She’ll tell you it’s about sex, no hesitation or apologies offered, and definitely none needed.


Though Suzi is born and raised Londoner, her music has found mass appeal in the States, with fans and industry alike from across the globe queueing up to see her after the buzz around her appearance the entire week.


Her most popular and well-known song ‘Taken Care Of’ was one written a number of years ago, and Suzi’s familiarity with the song and her growth with developing it is apparent in the kind comfort she clearly feels performing it. Other newer songs showcased on the night such as ‘Teenage Witch’ are also set to be hits.


Suzi performed a run of three shows over the festival for her first time in the States, with big names BBC Music, DIY Magazine, and at Austin’s iconic Empire Control Room, a grungy room that fit Suzi’s rebellious vibe. Still getting used to the live performance ‘thing,’ I’m sure in time we’re going to see more and more of Suzi on the live circuits!!


Check out an interview with Suzi in the new issue of the Concentus Music Magazine, available here.