REVIEW: Blossoms | o2 Forum Kentish Town


Blossoms played one of their largest London shows this week at a sold out o2 Kentish Forum.


Accumulating an intriguing combination of audience with young girls clad in glitter, to an older generation who are clearly appreciative of their synth infused touches 60s throwback style, Blossoms delivered an inspired set. 


The group performed their biggest hits 'Blow' and 'Blown Rose,' amongst tracks from their latest release, album 'Cool Like You.' The album was dropped without warning after Blossoms had endured such a long silence of social media, that fans thought they had broken up. However, their set and tour as a whole proves the band is not going anywhere, 'Cool Like You' consisting of some of the most loved songs of the group. 


Making their fans wait for their most loved and most popular song 'Charlemagne' (named after a medieval King), the group performed a adrenaline fuelled encore which saw the reprisal of a mosh pit in the front section and an entire audience of 2,300 or so sing their lyrics back to them, even those who may not have been familiar with the band before coming. 


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

The vibrancy of Blossoms does not come particularly from their performance or crowd engagement, indeed the concert is largely first and foremost just a performance of their well known tracks. However, their music itself comes with so much appraisal that Blossoms clearly don't need fancy staging or dance moves to create a concert to remember. 


Touts were the main support for the night. A pop punk band clearly inspired by classic rocks bands, the likes of Green Day to Blink-182, they hyped the audience up a perfect amount and definitely impressed a whole load of new ears who were converted into fans. Their songs are highly topical, shamelessly focusing on modern day politics and not shying away from issues which they feel need to be spoken about, song titles including 'Political People' and 'Bombscare' which are telling of the topical songs they performed. 


From opening Glastonbury's Pyramid to a sell out tour with less than a year in between, Blossoms have proven themselves to have achieved a rapid (and deservedly so) uprise to the forefront of the pop band scene.