Shame | SXSW Top 25

Photo sourced from   New York Times    by Roger Kisby

Photo sourced from New York Times by Roger Kisby

Shame are a band made of a group of young lads right from South West London. Appealing to a very particular niche of music fans in rock, straying away from the commercial pop vibes that is often demanded in rock musicians these days, and staying pure to their genre that influenced them, proving there is still yet untouched territory in the guitar-rock music scene. Heavy guitar riffs carry the song, and grungy, dark and experimental vocal techniques of all sorts are used throughout the song. Each song has different musicality to it therefore, but the band has a consistency in its rebellious aura.


The group proved perfect for the 1am slot at Austin’s underground Barracuda venue for iconic Brit music magazine NME's showcase, who have been long time supporters of Shame. The set saw everything from mosh-pits to crowdsurfing, finding themselves a rowdy crowd who couldn’t have loved with them more for their second year at the festival. 


The group have made quite an unexpectedly huge impact in a short amount of time, being one of the most talked about groups in the UK right now and are embarking on a nationwide venue tour this year too. It’s exciting to see their well received in the States too, and the boys are no doubt a competitive contender to become the next icon of British alternative rock!