Pale Waves | SXSW Top 25

Pale Waves at SXSW - Photo © Concentus Music - Reproduction without permission not permitted

Pale Waves at SXSW - Photo © Concentus Music - Reproduction without permission not permitted

Pale Waves are one of the most talked about bands these days, as the group have enabled pure pop to return to the forefront of the scene.


Signed to iconic UK Label Dirty Hit, the group are often accused of being a replica of The 1975. However, this is a rather naïve and simple reaction to the band. Pale Waves bring a whole new vibrancy to the table unique to themselves.


They have defined what it means to be a modern pop band in today’s technology revolution, incorporating synths in every aspect of the song, without crossing over into the cliché of an electronic-pop sub genre, which is sleekly done.


Lead singer Heather’s vocals are bright and vibrant. Though covered in gothic, Kiss-inspired hair and make up, though we may struggle to know what her off stage aesthetic be without the make up, there is honestly no need to. Without struggle, it is possible to connect with Heather and the emotions she is trying to convey, as her facial expressions and vocal dynamics tell you all you need to know to enjoy the feel-good romance that underlies each song.


Taking advantage of a variety of production techniques, the band intentionally create a high frequency sound which is less heavy on the bass, but this innovative approach to song-writing and arrangement should be applauded. Songs such as ‘Television Romance’ and ‘Heavenly’ are their most well-known and perfectly demonstrate this new approach to pop.


Though set to appear at all ‘new music’ showcases this year, including Live at Leeds and The Great Escape, the band certainly rose to popularity faster than they anticipated as they have already announced their headline London show at 1,600 cap venue Heaven, and are on their way to selling out.


Check out Pale Waves’ performance of ‘Heavenly’ at the BBC Introducing stage at SXSW!