Concentus Music Live: Magazine Launch | Camden Assembly


Concentus Music Live returns after a six month hiatus, back to where it began in Camden. Previously our home of the Barfly, the newly-named and refurbished Camden Assembly saw us host the launch of our debut new music magazine, celebrating with a line up featured inside and some of our favourite new artists of all time.



Kiel opened the night for us. A brand new creative project from acclaimed solo artist Nick Kingswell, Kiel is Kingswell’s full band set up for his classic solo acoustic songs, but also some brand new tunes. Having just recently returned to London after a break in Australia, he welcomed back old fans and new at this gig.


Laminate Pet Animal followed, for their first ever London show. After leading the way in the North’s music scene in the new music hub that is Leeds, LPA brought their electronica-indie set down south. The trip, comprised of Tom, Tom, and Charlotte, showcase an innovative mixture of produced DJing with live instrumentation, revolutionising the conventional electronic band.


WOWH took to the stage next. A group known and acclaimed for creating a massive sound just as a duo, Toby (drums) and Nick (guitar and lead vocals) present a fascinating and resounding fusion of funk and pop, really bringing something new to the world of independent music. They performed their funkiest song of all ‘Zone,’ which sees Nick providing rich, luxurious guitar riffs resemblant to old school pop.



Kioko headline. The 9 piece band from Birmingham are bringing reggae back to the UK, taking a contemporary spin on the genre and creating their own sound not shared by any other rising or established artist right now. They performed their hit single that brought them to the attention of fans in 2015, ‘Deadly Roots,’ as well as newer songs from the new release including title track ‘Let’s Be Frank.’ The Kioko brass section, formed of Ewan, Laurence and Josh, is really the defining characteristic of the band, along with the guitar riffs provided by Jon Brown and the harmonies provided by vocalists Ewan and Matt, keys from production legend Spider-J, Tom on drums and Ben providing funky bass lines.


Videos of the performance are available to view on our live videos page, and our debut magazine is available for order now!



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