REVIEW: Millie Turner | Paper Dress Vintage Residency

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Millie Turner’s residency at Paper Dress Vintage, a quirky venue local to Millie’s home of Hackney, comes to a close with her third sold out show since the summer.


The night saw Millie perform a versatile set featuring her signature electronic hits ‘Underwater’ and ‘She Was A Dancer.’ Millie has also delved in to the acoustic world, performing with a guitarist to accompany her for yet-to-be-released songs this time too. She also included an element of spoken word, performing a poem she wrote just ten minutes before the gig straight from a diary type notebook, letting us connect to her words in a new dimension.


Millie performed her songs ‘Underwater,’ which is the tune that started it all off for her at the start of 2018. Initially just a casual Soundcloud upload that Millie released to raise money for a trip to the Philippines, little did she know it would be the start of her career.


Her latest song ‘Night Running,’ released in October at the start of her residency, was a favourite moment for the audience, as she was able to make all members move to the mellow electro hit.  


A homely audience which included her childhood friends and parents, as well as her growing fan base, made for a community driven night. Upon the end of her monthly night, 2019 is sure to see Millie playing to hundreds of new audiences as her innovative music only grows in appeal with each new release and live show.


Olivia Dean opened the night. Olivia so far only has one release to her name ‘Reason To Stay,’ from earlier this year, but can already boast collaborations with the likes of Rudimental. Her live set encapsulated the audience fully. Olivia rose up to the challenge of being an acoustic support act, and left the audience wanting more. Her soft, emotionally fuelled love songs came with an edge of power and strength, letting us get to know her as a person as well as enjoy her music.


Make sure to check both artists out, and watch out for an interview with Millie in the upcoming issue of our magazine!  



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