Chapaqqua Wrestling | The Great Escape First Fifty

Photo: @DIYMagazine

Photo: @DIYMagazine


Chappaqua Wrestling have made a full circle. After becoming a hotly-tipped band following widespread attention after 2018’s Great Escape, they have now been announced as part of the First Fifty announcement for the 2019 festival. The group was part of a line up arranged by DIY Magazine at The Macbeth, opening up a guitar focused night followed by The Howl & The Hum and Fontaines DC.


Though only the opening band, their slickness made them seem fit for a headline slot. The raw acoustic guitar that characterises their music lets the audience have a nice refresher from electro-pop, or heavy guitar riffs. They find a soothing middle ground with live instrumentations and raw harmonies that are easy on the ear with elements of sound manipulation, giving their composition an interesting edge.


Making a bold move to start with their latest – and only release of 2018 – ‘Plant Trees.’ Following this, they performed tracks from their only other release, independent EP from 2017 ‘EP 1,’ and then a range of unreleased music. But encouraged by a positive response by what was already a half full room, the band proved themselves not ones to be missed for this year’s festival. They work a quirky name, the band will no doubt soon be all over your screens and playlists and will be no issue to remember.


Though the run of First Fifty gigs is now over, keep an eye and ear out for more announcements as tickets for The Great Escape are soon due for release too!

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